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Make it Happen - If you are thinking of recruiting - hire an apprentice

IF you are looking to take expand your business and grow the local economy give somebody an opportunity we can help you recruit from the untapped talent of local people who want an apprenticeship.

ATA Bradford gives you FIVE GOLD REASONS to take on an APPRENTICE

With the costs of higher education rising, and a job market where young people are competing against graduates and experienced workers, young people are looking at other options that combine education, training and a route into sustainable employment – apprenticeships offer all this and gives employers access to the best young talent.

Here are five nuggets that you might not have realised about apprenticeships...

  1. Apprenticeships cover over 170 industries and 1,500 roles from administration to zoo keeping – with the diversity of roles expanding every year. While all apprenticeship programmes have set content, you can add additional content to tailor the training to the specific requirements of your business

2. Apprentices give you the chance to develop staff from a young age, whilst ensuring they are educated and trained to a high-level, and have your businesses principles at the heart of everything they do. Apprentices also impact staff retention and loyalty so that your staff with you for longer

3. Taking on an apprentice has tangible benefits for your business. 96% of employers have reported a benefit to their business; including improved products or services, new ideas being introduced and increased staff morale.

4. Apprentices make businesses more productive. 72% businesses said apprentices made their company more productive. In monetary terms the average apprentice increases productivity by £214 per week.

5. Apprenticeships are cost-effective for business, with funding for training costs available dependent on job role and the age of the apprentice. An Apprenticeship 










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